Jamestown Show forges ahead

Organisers of the Jamestown Show are forging ahead in planning the 2020 show, to be held on October 4 -5, with its sights set on putting local businesses suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic at the very fore of its event.

Overseeing his first Jamestown Show as president, Matt Scharkie said local businesses would be given an opportunity to take part in a trade show as well as provide them with other opportunities in the event.

He said it was the show’s way of giving back to the businesses that had supported them, and who are feeling the full brunt of current COVID-19 restrictions and the subsequent downturn in trade.

“After the last committee meeting we decided we’re going to plan to hold the show as normal, hoping that some restrictions will be lifted by October,” he said.

“We’re confident we will be able to hold an event in some capacity.

“What we have decided is we want to put a focus on supporting local business and by having a show it’s a way of helping them out, inviting them to come along and show their business with trade sites, information and promotion of them.”

Mr Scharkie said following the huge success of the Jamestown Show’s re-invigorated event over the past three years, it was now time to extend a helping hand to local business.

“We’ve had a big focus on sheep and wool in our recent events, last year we had a hugely successful Paddock to Plate concept, but with coronavirus, this is our way of helping small business get back on their feet,” he said.

“Coming off the back of drought as well, times have been incredibly tough for our town.

“I think the success of the show over the last few years has shown us a lot more about how local business does go hand-in-hand with the show.

“Mentally, COVID-19 has been a huge thing for our local businesses and community and I think it’s so important to still have this event to all work towards.”

Already Mr Scharkie and vice president James Moore are planning to get around to local businesses to produce some short videos to tie in with the 2020 Jamestown Show promotion.

With local schools also going ahead with preparation of show animals, Mr Scharkie said he felt there would be capacity to host the show, albeit conscious it may have to adapt to any crowd restrictions still in place.

In 2021, Jamestown Show will host the four-day shearing national championships to coincide with its annual October event, and Mr Scharkie said the resilient town would forge ahead through the current crisis.

“We are pushing ahead because we want something for people in our community to look forward to and work towards,” he said.

“It is an unknown, but already the local businesses we’ve spoken to have indicated they will jump on-board to help make it happen.”