Stephen puts Snowtown on the map

AVID Clare photographer, Stephen Langman, often travels the countryside looking for new and exciting places to explore.

Last year he travelled to Snowtown and took a few snaps of the newly unveiled paintings on the water tank in the main street, focusing on the main picture, the face of local man, John Hansen.

Part of the ‘Rebranding Snowtown’ campaign, John was chosen as a Snowtown local who had volunteered for more than 30 years in the town’s Country Fire Service brigade.

Artist, Sam Brooks, with Joel Van Moore, completed the large scale mural art in 2018.

Stephen then uploaded his images to the ‘Explore Oz’ website, a site where people upload their photos and experiences for all to see.

In May, Australia Post contacted Stephen to say they saw his photograph of ‘Explore Oz’ and wanted to use it for a series of ‘Watertowers of Australia’ stamps, along with a maxi card series.

“The image of just the water tower will be on the stamp and along with a few others from around Australia, will be in the series,” Stephen explained.

“The Maxi card, which is essentially a postcard, will only feature the water tower and the landscape, and is due to be released in early September.”

Adelaide based artist, Sam Brooks, said mural art is something that draws people into a town and keeps them there.

“I see it as the town investing in its future,” Sam said.

“Mural art should be community focused, celebrating community members and one communities should strive for.

“This particular art is very deserving of an Australia wide stamp and Snowtown should be proud of this.”

Sam has also completed mural art in Port Pirie, Port Adelaide, Elizabeth, helped with the Gleeson Street art in Clare and has tendered for the silos in Eudunda.