Jamestown’s serves up a different type of tea!

It was a Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser with a difference for Jamestown this year, but a new home delivery format proved to be a huge success.

The town’s residents opened their hearts – and wallets –ordering 230 plates of morning tea and raising more than $2600 for the Cancer Council.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Jamestown and Districts Cancer Council SA Branch was unable to host its usual ‘drop-in and sit-in’ Biggest Morning Tea, instead taking to the streets to deliver delicious plates of morning tea to homes and businesses.

Branch secretary and event coordinator, Margie Simpson, said the group had talked about the idea of home deliveries after last year’s event, but 2020’s   social distancing restrictions had brought the change of format and she believed it may now continue into the future.

“After last year we had a lot of take-away orders from         businesses in particular so we talked about just doing take-aways,” she said.

“This year with COVID-19 we weren’t really sure if we would be allowed to go ahead, but we checked this with the Cancer Council and they were                  supportive of the idea.

“I think deliveries might be the way to go in the future, as previously we didn’t really have any idea how many people would come along and sometimes we had a lot of left-overs.

“The delivery systems seems to work well for business people who couldn’t get along to the morning tea, also for the elderly, working people and even those with small children who found it hard to come along.”

Margie said following the success of this year’s event, the group may look to expand it over a couple of days in the future to ensure more people have the opportunity to order morning tea.

“This year really was a bit of trial and error to see if it would work, and also working within current restriction guidelines,” she said.

A merry band of workers assisted in cooking, plating and delivering the Biggest Morning Tea plates around town, continuing the support for the event which the Jamestown branch has now hosted for about 13 years.

“The community really does support the Cancer Council events we run,” Margie said.

“We tend now just to do their national events and don’t have meetings as such, but people are happy to support these events and help us raise money for the council so we’re very grateful for that.”