Language leaders on the Horizon

Horizon Christian School students recently took out the Education Perfect Languages Championships – Indonesian language category recently.

An online competition, the championships attracted entries from schools from around the world.

This year, over 182,000 students, from 2,155 schools across 57 countries answered around 98,000,000 questions.

Horizon Christian School Indonesian teacher, Joanne Southwell, said the students earn points for showing proficiency in the language.

“The competition is held online with students from around the world competing against each other in real time for one week, studying vocabulary and earning points for completing activities to demonstrate their mastery of the new words,” Joanne explained.

The school also came 10th in Australia in the national category.

Since 2017, Indonesian has been the language other than English taught at Horizon, and this is the first time since then the competition has been offered.

This year the school incorporated its first ever elective year 9 class, with 18 students choosing it as an elective.

“Because the Indonesian program is growing at Horizon and the students are doing so well in their studies we decided to enter the competition,” Joanne said.

“It was offered as an enrichment activity for interested students in years 5-9, and 22 students took the opportunity to join up.”

“We’re very proud of the students’ achievements,” Joanne said.