Peter’s persistence and passion pays off

FOR Burra local, Peter Cochrane, the last 25 years have been spent devoting his time to the Burra South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS).

His dedication and persistence was acknowledged recently when he reached his 25-year service milestone, however he will be officially recognised for his efforts once COVID restrictions have been eased.

A passionate member of the Burra SAAS, Peter first joined back in 1995, five years after making the move to the country.

“I first completed a first aid course, then after a bit of thinking, I decided to take the next step towards joining the SAAS,” Peter said.

Peter first joined for his love of the close-knit community he had moved into, with his young children also inspiring him to join.

“When I reached my 25 year milestone, I received messages from both of my children, which was a real tear jerking moment,” he said.

“Getting those messages was a huge thing as they were a big part of why I joined,” Peter said.

Peter is a well respected role model within the Burra SAAS, who takes a special interest in mentoring new recruits, organising joint training exercises and sharing his knowledge to all the members.

His incredible dedication is often at a cost to his personal and work life, due to his commitment to the service.

“The empathetic treatment of patients is one of the biggest things I enjoy, as we can not only help them but leave them in a better state of mind,” Peter said.

Over the past 25 years, there has certainly been a number of highlights and lowlights Peter will remember for the rest of his life, but a recent one has stuck with him.

“One job I will definitely remember was six months ago when a Burra local was burnt, resulting in burns to 95 per cent of his body.

“He was in a critical condition, I remember grabbing the help of the local CFS and putting him in the back of the ambulance straight to the hospital.

“It felt great to be able to help him in such a state. Some jobs end well and some don’t,” Peter said.

With plans to retire from his main job in three to four years, Peter still plans to continue with the SAAS for many years to come.

“They will have to drag me away!” Peter said.