The Cup runneth over

Balaklava Racing Club (BRC) held its Balaklava Cup sponsor’s launch last Thursday August 20, with the announcement of a new major sponsor, TCQS International.

Despite COVID restrictions, the Balaklava TQCSI Cup will still go ahead on September 16.

The club’s first release of 1000 tickets has already sold out, with numbers currently restricted due to COVID-19.

The club has submitted a COVID-19 safety plan, as well as a management plan with the hope of SA Health allowing up to 4000 people to attend the Cup.

“We’ve been in talks with SA Health over the past few weeks clarifying and reviewing Cup day, so hopefully we will hear from them by the end of this week and find out what our options are,” BRC CEO Doug Hall said.

“The club is currently taking bookings and we are keeping a waiting list in anticipation of being granted this crowd extension.”

TRSA has this week announced relaxing race day access for trackside employees, allowing race day employees (trainers, jockeys and stable hands) to use general public amenities such as toilets and dining areas.

Under these relaxed restrictions the public will still not be allowed to gain access to any of the race day areas.

“The announcement from TRSA only allows us not to have to split resources or double up on amenities which will be cost saving for the day,” Doug said.

Trainers will once more have the $20,000 trainer’s prize up for grabs for any trainer who can train the winner of both the TCQSI Cup over 1600m and the Coopers stakes over 1200m.

The prize has been offered for the last five years and is yet to be won.