New lease of life for Avon Hall lettering

OVER the last few months, Balaklava High School students have worked alongside Wakefield Regional Council to recreate the lost lettering of the Avon District Hall.

A small group of year 11s utilised the school’s state of the art production systems using a mix of 3D design, CAD drawing and plasma cutting to recreate the hall’s original lettering.

Over several decades, the hall’s existing lettering had fallen off during harsh weather, or had faded.

WRC Mayor Rodney Reid said it was an opportunity for the students to use their skills and expertise to make a contribution back into the community and to see their work displayed for years to come.

“The hall committee was eager to include local students so they could take an active role in returning a signature part of the building back to its former glory,” Mayor Reid said.

Balaklava High School tech studies teacher John Geddie was thrilled with how the project had gone so far.

“The letters are almost complete, we just need to paint them, but it’s been a great project for the community and it’s great to have students working on a community project they can look back on and even go and visit,” John said.

The school is open to helping with more community projects that can utilise the tools they have at their disposal, so if you have a project in mind, get in contact with Balaklava High School on 8862 0600.