Race in and volunteer for the Cup

WHETHER it be cooking, serving food or manning the gate, Balaklava Racing Club can’t hold its race days each month without the help of volunteers.

The Community Services Catering Committee, which comprises individuals, and volunteers representing various local clubs and community groups, has helped at monthly race meets and of course, the annual Balaklava Cup.

However the group is desperately looking for more volunteers to help out on Cup day on September 16.

At each race meet, the groups the volunteers represent cook delicious home made food, help prepare and serve meals, cook barbecues and serve tea and coffee, ensuring race goers enjoy a wonderful spread of country fresh foods.

Each year, community groups receive a percentage of profits made through the canteens, ensuring money goes back into local community groups at the end of each year.

Margaret March and Jenny Baum have been helping out on race days for numerous years and are putting a call out for other locals to get involved and help local community groups out.

If you can help, please contact Jenny Baum 0429 642 235, Margaret March 0428 621 339 or Sally Cowan 0427 621 025.