Supporting Barnaby’s employment goal

Thanks to the support of local business, Just Julies Cafe and his Clare Valley Enterprises (CVE) support worker Danielle, Barnaby is working towards his goal of mainstream employment.

Barnaby is currently a participant in the Student Leaver Employment Support program offered by disability support provider CVE and is being individually supported by Danielle to work towards paid employment.

Currently undertaking work experience with the cafe, Barnaby’s tasks include clearing tables, running     orders, general cleaning and doing the dishes.

“The girls make sure I am happy at work,” Barnaby said.

“I like being out the front with the customers.”

Julie of Just Julies Café was approached when Barnaby advised of his wish to work at the local café.

Julie was informed of the outcomes Barnaby was trying to achieve and how, with her support, his goals could be reached.

Clare Valley Enterprises is a registered provider for the School Leavers Supports program under the NDIS.

The School Leaver Employment Supports program offers individual or group setting support for students after they have finished Year 12 to build their capacity, confidence and job readiness skills for up to two years.

These supports and programs assist school leavers to develop employability skills required to find and maintain employment in mainstream work.

Participants are able to work at their own pace within both classroom and practical environments that are supportive, capacity building and fun.

Offering the tailored support Barnaby needs means he can gain the skills and confidence to move from school to the work environment.

Thank you to Julie of Just Julie’s Cafe for her support in assisting Barnaby achieve his goals and to engage in his local community.

If you would like more information on the School Leaver Employment Supports program, please contact Clare Valley Enterprises on 8842 1386.