Sun’s out, snakes out

There is no exact date where the calendar clicks over to ‘snake season’, but the few days recently with beautiful warm sunshine has also signalled the snakes to come out of hiding.

Nicole Heneker snapped a photo of this baby Eastern Brown at her house, which is in the actual township, over the weekend.

Earlier in September, Riverton’s Matt and Cath Greenslade found an unwanted camper under their tv cabinet inside their house.

A midnight emergency call to the 24-hour Gawler snake catcher saved the day who is pictured here ready to re-home the one and a half metre long reptile.

The Riesling Trail has also issued a reminder about sharing the path with wildlife, including snakes, at this time of the year, with information signs along the way.

Gleeson Wetlands has had reports of three different snakes all at different locations along the causeway sunning themselves.

Clare Lions Green Team has organised and will pay for, ‘Beware of snakes,’ signs spaced out along the track, with the proposal currently waiting for the CGVC approval.

Wetland, Trail and land owners are encouraged to take a minute to look at the up to date St John Australia advice on first aid for snake bites, which can be found at and search for ‘snake bite fact sheet’.