Farrell Flat joins silo art trail

As you come over the hill and head down toward Farrell Flat from the west, a bright beacon of iridescent purple, pink and orange hues – the colours of a most beautiful sunset – has arisen from the centre of town.

It heralds the arrival of the state’s latest silo art project, and local residents hope it will bring new life to the town and encourage visitors to stop off for a while.

In a nod to the town’s history, the design depicts the last train to pass through Farrell Flat, and has been painted by first-time silo artists, Jarrod Soden and Matthew Knights of Perplswet Designs, Adelaide.

It has been funded through the second round of the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Program, with support from Goyder Regional Council and Viterra Australia.

The silo art project has been on Farrell Flat Management Committee’s drawing board for almost seven years and Farrell Flat Hotel publican, Cheryl Baxter, was one of the original members keen to see some art on the decommissioned silo.

“I just thought it would be great to join the Australian Silo Art Trail,” she said.

“Farrell Flat is half way between Burra and Clare so I think it is the perfect place to come and maybe stay.

“It’s a cute little town and it’s right in the middle so it makes it the ideal place for visitors to launch either way.

“When you’ve travelled a lot of outback Australia, like we have, the towns are dying, so it’s really about coming up with ideas to bring people here.”

Farrell Flat resident, Brian Feetham, is relatively new to the town, but said there were many reasons to visit.

Already, a steady stream of visitors, cameras in hand are pulling off the main drag to see what is developing on the towering ‘canvas’.

“People are coming in saying they’ve never been here before, that it’s lovely and quiet,” he said.

“With COVID hitting this year, it’s really brought an opportunity for people to look around in their own backyard.

“This is something the township can be really proud of.

“We’ve got a beautiful pub here with lots of character, we’ve got free RV parking/camping, bed and breakfasts, a walking trail, new toilets, playground and outdoor fitness area and two large dog parks.

“We’ve now got plans to develop the main strip near the silos a little bit more for the foot traffic that will come through.”