Signed, sealed and delivered

Water bombing aircraft will now have safer access to refuelling and water filling at Jamestown’s Sir Hubert Wilkins Aerodrome, thanks to the completion of a surface sealing project.

Country Fire Service Hallett group officer, and long-time Jamestown Flying Group member, Merv Robinson said the sealing of the taxiing and refuelling areas made for a much safer environment.

“When a water bombing plane comes in to re-load, they have to put the power on to turn, and as it does that, it would flick up dust and stones,” he said.

“During re-loading we’d often have four or five CFS volunteers in close proximity to the aircraft waiting to assist, and they’d be showered in dust and stones, so the sealing means it doesn’t do that now.

“It also means it’s better on the wear and tear of the aircraft because it stops stones and small pebbles from being flicked up into the propellor and onto the aircraft.”

The project was funded through round one of the Australian Government’s Regional Airports Program, which granted the Jamestown Flying Group $20,500 for the upgrade, with the remaining almost $21,000 for the works contributed by the flying group.