Meffert murderer set 20 year non-parole

The man charged with the murder of 23-year-old Martin Meffert at Terowie has been set a non-parole sentence of 20 years, a 20 per cent reduction for pleading guilty.

The killer, now aged 32, who cannot be named because he was aged 16 at the time of the murder, was charged with the murder in 2018, pleading guilty almost a year later.

Prior to the non-parole period being set, he had already been sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting Mr Meffert in the head as he slept.

Mr Meffert was last seen alive in 2005. In 2013 some of his remains were found in a fireplace at the killer’s Terowie home, with the rest of his remains found in the backyard in 2019.

It was revealed in court that the killer had buried the victim in the backyard, but had dug up the remains some years later when his parents had sold the property, moving the remains to another property in a wheelbarrow.

The killer had plotted the murder and then stole $136,000 in disability support payments from the victim’s bank account over eight years, with Justice David Peek saying the defendant told a psychologist in an interview that he was “high on drugs” when he planned the murder of Mr Meffert to fund his expensive drug habit.