Spate of thefts at Saddleworth

THIEVES are about, and residents of Saddleworth are becoming annoyed after a recent spate of thefts around the town.

A number of properties have been broken into recently, with various other places reporting things ‘going missing.’

President of Saddleworth institute committee, Dave Williams, is concerned with the number of thefts lately, including some at the institute.

“Last week, sometime overnight Tuesday, someone stole the defibrillator kept at the back of the institute, which was available for the public to use in the event of an emergency,” he said.

The defibrillator was donated by the Gilbert Valley CWA group from a Waterloo Windfarm grant.

“Also about five weeks ago, we had a wheelie bin taken in broad daylight,” Dave said.

Dave is also concerned at the amount of rubbish, especially hard rubbish, being ‘dumped’ at the institute.

“People don’t want to take it to the dump, even though they have vouchers from council to do so, and you’d be surprised as to who has been dumping items there,” he said.

Dave has spoken to numerous locals who have been caught on camera dumping their rubbish at the site.

If anyone has any information about the theft of the defibrillator, or knows the identity of the man pictured stealing a wheelie bin, please contact police on 131 444, or Dave on 0427 888 630.

Dumpsters on notice

SADDLEWORTH residents are not the only ones to be annoyed at dumped rubbish, with farmers around the whole district often finding piles of rubbish dumped along back roads or along roadsides.

Rubbish has recently been dumped near the Wakefield River on the outskirts of Balaklava, which in a wet year, would end up being washed into the river system.

Clean-up of dumped rubbish is undertaken by council, resulting in interruptions to other scheduled works.

“The increase in dash cam technology and traffic management monitors are resulting in a growing number of people are being caught red-handed with photo and video evidence,” a Wakefield Regional Council spokesperson said.

“Rural property owners are also investing more in CCTV monitoring and there is nothing stopping private property owners sending these images to the media or publishing themselves, which could be particularly embarrassing for local perpetrators.

“The waste transfer station vouchers are available, and we strongly encourage people to use them.”

Wakefield Regional Council and police are investigating and following strong lines of enquiry on this latest incident.

If anyone notices anything remotely suspicious or unusual, please contact police on 131 444, and take vehicle registration details and photos if possible and safe to do so.