Royal acclaim for Alfie

ACCLAIMED artist, Robert ‘Alfie’ Hannaford, of Riverton has recently completed a special sculpture – that of Queen Elizabeth II.

The life-sized statue was installed in the grounds in front of Government House on December 10, with Alfie and project benefactors present.

“We’re hoping to have one of the Royal family visit to officially open/unveil the statue at a date to be determined, but COVID is making things tricky,” Alfie said.

“But you can see it from Kintore Avenue.”

Alfie, who doesn’t like sketching his subjects from photos, was initially asked to make the Queen’s sculpture from a photo, so declined the request.

But after a change of heart by the palace, Alfie was whisked away to London to visit the Queen!

“I went there in 2019 and it was a wonderful experience – we chatted but I can’t reveal what we spoke about,” he said.

“I was meant to be there for a 15-minute sitting, but I was fortunate to be there quite a lot longer than that.”

The sculpture took around another nine months to make, the model initially made from clay, then cast in bronze.

“It was all done pretty quietly with benefactors funding the project,” he said.

Alfie is very happy with his end product and depicts the Queen at ground level, where she ‘meets the people’.

There are a number of other bronze sculptures made by Alfie, including that of a Ngadjuri woman holding a child in Riverton’s main street, Sir Donald Bradman in Creswell Gardens and a giant hand at the war memorial in Gawler’s Pioneer Park.

Alfie has also been commissioned for the Owen Silo Art project and said it was hopefully progressing in March.