Hamley’s healing process

AFTER hundreds of locals attended the AGM last year of Hamley Bridge Aged Care – all concerned with the financial situation of the facility – the board of directors has ‘stepped up’ to rectify the situation and address issues arising from the meeting.

Under the guidance of board chairman, Malcolm May, it’s been working on a revised draft constitution which will soon be available for public consultation and hopefully finalised at a public meeting next month.

“A consultation meeting will be held on April 29 at the Hamley Bridge institute from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, and from this, we hope to present the final constitution and other business that arose from the AGM in 2020, at another special general meeting in late May 2021,” Malcolm said.

“We were also asked to set up a finance committee from that AGM, and have done this too.”

“The changes being made are opportunities for us to improve on quality services, which we are undertaking in collaboration with the Commonwealth.”

“We have also applied for $360,000 through the Business Improving Funding to improve infrastructure, IT, record keeping etc, along with a $5m capital grant to increase the number of beds by 12, to a total of 60, which will make the facility sustainable.”

There are a few vacancies at the facility, and Mr May encourages people who are looking for an aged care bed to enquire about these.

Mr May said there was also a focus on education and training with a major focus on staff retention and improving the culture.

Recently appointed chief executive officer, Mr Nino Disisto, who has more than 43 years’ experience in the aged, disability and health care sector, and who previously worked in the Wakefield and Mid North regions, agreed.

“Staff are the link to the community, and the board has supported the journey so far with transparency through regular communication, meetings, newsletters etc,” he said.

“The board is now educated too and is aware of the standards required, and we have already started the upgrading process for the comfort of residents.”

“We have a new clinical consultant, Marie Wittwer, who is highly credentialled, along with Kate McCabe in accounting along with Brenton Chappell, and have engaged the union too” Malcolm said.

Mr Disisto said the board was connecting with the ‘right’ government agencies and the work being done is in line with their expectations.

“The government is confident in what we are doing and is willing to help,” he said.

“The board has been very supportive in all of the changes and we can see we are kicking goals.

“We want to make sure Hamley Bridge is a winner.”