Sonia builds her way to third place in bodybuilding comp

In her very first competition, Clare’s Sonia Goss has taken out third place in the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding, South Australian over-35 bikini model category.

Sonia entered both the novice and bikini model categories and was judged overall on “great shape presence, overall beauty and confidence”.

“Competitors are judged on condition, symmetry, shape and presentation and lean enough to show an outline of abdominals,” Sonia said.

“Overall, they look for an X shape physique, full shoulders, without separation and with a taper from the lats that match the hammies, glutes and quad development.

“They look for tight, full, well-rounded glutes with visible hamstring tie-ins, however no separation.”

Having worked in the fitness industry for 15 years as a qualified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Sonia said she decided to enter ANB as a next level challenge.

“I have always had the passion, drive and energy to train myself and maintain my fitness,” she said.

“Although training every day is part of my routine, I decided to take on another challenge and set a bigger goal. 

“For those who know me, I am a perfectionist and was determined to not fail this challenge.”

Sonia worked with friend and nutrition coach, Shelley Thrussell, an experienced ANB competitor who took Sonia on as her first client.

It was a 21-week “journey” for Sonia leading up to the competition, with vigorous training and nutritional guidelines to follow.

“Daily calories were assessed, and my macros were set to work out my daily meals,” she said.

“By checking in every week, my coach was able to monitor how my body was responding to the calories and was able to increase them three times before dropping them slowly in the lead up to stage. 

“As for training, having to cut back my usual cardio put a strain on me mentally, but I had to trust my coach. 

“Weights were increased to six times a week for high volume supersets, with a focus on building the lower body. 

“My programming was updated as often as required and stayed high volume right up until peak week, with cardio slowly reintroduced as the competition got closer.

“Training this much, plus taking my usual classes at The Valleys Lifestyle certainly took its toll some days.” 

In addition to weight training, Sonia also had to learn correct posing techniques to emphasize her muscles and learn a choreographed routine for the competition.

“I had the pleasure of having a lovely coach by the name of Janelle McLean from Adelaide who spent valuable time with me as I travelled back and forth on a regular basis,” Sonia said.

Fortunately for Sonia, working at The Valleys Lifestyle Centre had its benefits, and she said her colleagues, clients and members helped support and motivate her the whole way.

With the taste of success still strong from her first competition, Sonia said she was now aiming to compete again in April next year.

“So now I start all over again with strict diet and six-week training programs to build further muscle definition,” she said.

“I believe goals make gains. All goals require drive and dedication – the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”