Pub owner’s dream to restore run-down site

The owner of the Brinkworth watering hole is on a mission to salvage the derelict and historic Sample Rooms next door.

While it cannot be confirmed, several stories from locals say the now dilapidated rooms were once a space where travelling salespersons would set up stalls; others say farmers would bring their grain to show a sample of that year’s harvest.

Another states accommodation at the back of the Sample Rooms would house a stewardess on the Bluebird Train, shearers or railway workers.

The hotel was established in 1892, and it is estimated the rooms were built around the same time.

Rachael Godden purchased The Junction Hotel in 2018 with the adjoining rundown rooms included in the land, Rachael had always wanted to restore the historic site.

While the outer wall is structurally sound, the interior is entirely run down.

“I’ve been told over the many years of the pub’s existence some of the punters may have contributed to the state of disrepair in their wild youth and there’s graffiti to prove it,” laughs Rachael.

“I fully intend to bribe them into helping me.”

The pub has a long history of fundraising for things such as the Kangaroo Island bushfires, and now Rachael wants to raise money for something a little closer to home.

There are many plans Rachael has in the works to help restore the space, such as meat tray raffles, luck cards, a little collection jar and competitions.

Rachael is tentatively planning to host a ‘fake wedding’ with traditional gender roles swapped.

Expect Brinkworth blokes to be donning extravagant 80s wedding dresses, and the ladies to be serving suave in tuxedos, with Rachael donating her own wedding dress to the cause “completely for a giggle and all the money raised.”

Any locals with photos of or information about the history of the Sample Rooms are encouraged to get in touch with Rachael at the pub.