Fleet drivers equipped for safest drive

The Mid North Community Passenger Network was the first of 16 passenger networks in South Australia to have the entire fleet of eight vehicles fitted with defibrillators.

Last week all volunteer drivers received training in Basic CPR for adults and babies and defibrillator training through Dart Tagging and Training, covering theory, practical and assessment components.

Positive feedback from the volunteers was they were thankful for a skill they could use while volunteering as well as a life skill everyday.

Coordinator Damien Graham said the local councils have been supportive in creating a proactive network and an added extra to make client’s trips even safer, giving the clients and the drivers peace of mind during the long and remote distances travelled.

“It is a great service they can offer, and this training has just made the service even better.”

“It is a proven fact that the first few minutes are crucial and now our cars and drivers will be equipped with the knowledge if the need arises.”

“The defibrillators have been funded from clients paying the fee for service, as well as council contributions from the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council, Wakefield Regional Council, Regional Council of Goyder and the Adelaide Plains Council.”

The volunteer drivers, can provide transport at your service, with one of the vehicles with specific wheelchair access, a medical bus, and a shopping bus, to assist community members who don’t have a licence or car, are too elderly, frail or have a disability, are not allowed to drive temporarily for medical reasons, or have any other barrier re transport.

These vehicles are housed at Clare and Burra councils, Eudunda, Riverton, Balaklava and Hamley Bridge hospitals, and Mallala township, so you are never far away from transport.

For more information on volunteering for or using the Mid North Community Passenger Service, visit the website, www.passengernetwork.com.au or ring Damien on 8842 1677