Judy keen on life’s next chapter

It will be a tearful farewell as pharmacy assistant Judy Taylor retires after an accumulative 37 years of work at Terry White Chemmart Balaklava.

But don’t you use that ‘r’ word with Judy, she’s looking forward to starting the next chapter of her life with vigour.

“I don’t like the word retirement, it just feels sterile because you think when you get over 60, you’re no longer wanted,” Judy said.

“I was calling it discontinued but then I heard a good word yesterday ‘terminated’ and I thought that sounds very much better, terminated like Arnie!”

While Judy celebrates her 64th birthday today, she ‘terminates’ her employment at the chemist a mere two days later this Friday, August 6.

Judy was born in Balaklava in 1957 and lived with her family on a dairy farm when she started working at the chemist at 15 years of age.

She married farmer Paul and moved to Nantawarra, continuing her employment at the pharmacy until taking a break to have children, Abbey and Jess, and moving back to Balaklava.

As she joins Paul in retirement, Judy’s looking forward to gardening, travelling and spending more time with her daughters who now live in Adelaide.

She’s particularly excited for a short holiday in Kangaroo Island with her daughter slated for this month and would like to see more of South Australia.

“What my ideal thing would be is to get in the car, go through all the quaint back roads over the border and stop off, have lunch and put a bit of money into the economy of some of those small places,” Judy said.

She’ll miss her fellow co-workers, which she describes as a family, and the local people she’s served over the years.

“I have seen so many people born, then go on to marry, then have children. I’ve seen their grandchildren and now they’re starting to get married,” Judy said.

Highlights of her career at the pharmacy include the upskilling she’s been able to do in her changing role and witnessing the drastic changes in technology.

Since she started working in the 1970s, she’s gone from using typewriters to computers with wireless internet and seen dial-up landline phones change to smartphones.

Part-owner of Terry White Chemmart Balaklava Anne Rosser acknowledged Judy for her many years of service to the pharmacy, describing her as a kind, loyal, hardworking, reliable and conscientious member of the team.

“All of us at the pharmacy would like to thank her very much for her service to us and to the community and wish her a very long and happy retirement with Paul and the girls,” Anne said.

Tears filled Judy’s eyes as she started speaking about the pharmacy customers and hoped some would come to say goodbye on Friday.

“I would like to thank my family for their love and support, Anne and the team at the pharmacy for the memories and good times and the community for shopping locally, farewell.”