Technology to bring historic mine site to life

The Regional Council of Goyder has met with potential contractors to develop a region-first augmented reality (interactive) experience at the Burra Mine Site.

Visitors will be able to use their mobile device to see a depiction of what the mine used to look like during its operation in the mid-nineteenth century.

“We’re hoping to attract some of the younger, tech-focused people to the region,” council tourism and events coordinator Marie O’Dea said.

“It’ll be great for young students and young people to stand there and see what it looked like back in the day.”

The augmented reality experience development is part of a significant conservation project on the Burra Mines, funded by a $295,000 federal government grant.

The funds will also be used to preserve the mine office and residences, constructed in 1849, for future generations to come.

The Burra Mine Site was added to the National Heritage List in 2017 and is part of the Burra Heritage Passport, which attracts 7500 visitors per year. “The site is integral for the region as it showcases the copper mining history and is a major drawcard for visitors due to its rich heritage,” Marie said.

Burra History Group chair Jenny Loftes said it was wonderful to see a major project underway at the mine site as it has such an important and unique history.

“It really is the heart of Burra and has featured in so many highs and lows, the boom and bust cycles over the years,” Jenny said.

“Capturing some of the stories using augmented reality makes it easily accessible to everyone with a mobile phone and will appeal to the younger generations.”

The council anticipates the conservation work and augmented reality projects will be complete by June 2022.

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