Bus set to bring town together

The small town of Brinkworth will be able to purchase a community bus to help combat social isolation thanks to a $87,600 grant. The Brinkworth Management Committee received a Tackling Tough Times Together grant from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, funded by the federal government. Committee secretary Nancy White said the community were […]

Cup a winner for local economy

Another Balaklava Cup has raced away as local businesses last week enjoyed a boost from the influx of spectators to the town. Wakefield Regional Council mayor Rodney Reid said the event creates a real buzz in the town, with many locals getting involved as volunteers, suppliers, workers or spectators, and pubs experiencing extra patronage. Balaklava […]

Snake season upon us

Spring has sprung and the warm rays of sunshine that have burst canola into bloom have also coaxed snakes out of their winter sleep. Snake breeding season has begun as they leave ‘brumation’, similar to hibernation, and have become a lot more mobile. The most common types of snakes in the region are the king […]

Curious art event returns

For five years now, The Terowie Citizens Association have been organising and running an art exhibition titled the ‘Curious Art Accident’. On behalf of the association, Susie Adams said the art show proceeds help with the upkeep of the buildings in Terowie that the association owns. “Last year (2020) was probably our best year with […]