Coronavirus updates 2020

Aussies urged to buy local AUSTRALIANS have been called on to support local businesses and products as much as possible as the economy stalls under the grip of the impending impact of Covid-19. Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud has urged those businesses and Australians who will receive the Federal Government’s stimulus to buy Australian made […]

Virus, cold or flu?

IF you think you might have the coronavirus, think twice before you head off to the doctors, chemist or hospital. A hotline has been set up by the government where you can ring to ask questions so please put this number in your phone: 1800 020 080. Locals are being encouraged to self-assess before heading […]

code chaos

A PLETHORA of events and gatherings across the Mid North have been cancelled or postponed on the back of efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). Major local events, including the Clare Easter Races, Laura Folk Fair, Clare Classic and Clare Rodeo have been affected. Country Arts SA has called off performances at all […]

Food security safe

The Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud has moved to reassure Australians the nation’s food security is amongst the safest in the world. “People shouldn’t panic, we have an abundant supply of top quality fresh food produced from all parts of the country that ensures that there will be plenty of food on the table,” Minister […]

WHAT has happened to love thy neighbour?

With the ever-increasing ‘chaos’ due to the coronavirus pandemic, shopping patterns and behaviour of many people has turned almost feral, and very un-Australian. Last week, many shoppers faced empty shelves in their local supermarket, particularly when shopping for basic essential items such as toilet paper and tinned foods. However, things have escalated for the ‘frantic […]