Roger gets ruthless with rats

Mallala farmer, Roger Davies, had a rat problem. He recently managed to shoot 16 in his barn, and the following day, dispatched three more. But it was with great satisfaction he told me he followed that up by drowning six juveniles and 14 adults he found housed in an old bag filler. It was full […]

Rancona® Dimension still a success

In 2014, Roger Baines went looking for solutions to the bare patches appearing in his cereal crops. Four years later, he stands by the product that’s helped solve his problem. Baines Bros Farms in Cummins SA is a mixed farming enterprise of 1000 ha cropping and 3000 breeding Merino ewes. Roger grows wheat, barley and […]

Fitness tracker for cows to help farmers

CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, and agtech startup Ceres Tag have created a new type of ‘fitbit’ to help farmers to keep track of where their livestock are and what they are doing. The new technology, which takes the form of a smart ear tag, produces similar data to that delivered by consumer smart watches. […]

Pinkerton Plains local farmer and hay grower, Cameron Lowe, was awarded the Gen Ag Future Fund Scholarship for 2018/19 last Tuesday. The award is sponsored by the Australian Fodder Industry Association and Lallemand. It is awarded annually to someone who has a passion for the hay industry. Read the full story in our online edition:

No more sweat – bring on the wet!

Last week’s unseasonally hot weather, backed up with severe winds on the  Wednesday and Friday, saw quite a bit of land change hands. Weekend rainfall totals were not enough to do much more than dampen down the dust. Farmers are looking to the skies for an increasingly less likely Anzac Day break to the season. […]

Bringing gains to low rainfall systems

A nine-year study of the impact of livestock on paddock health and farm productivity in a low rainfall environment has revealed grazing generates multiple benefits for mixed enterprises. Conducted at Minnipa on the Eyre Peninsula, the study demonstrated many agronomic and financial advantages that can be achieved by incorporating livestock into the rotation. The long-term […]

Hart welcomes Emma as new regional intern

The Hart Field-Site Group has welcomed Emma Pearse as its new regional intern for 2018 while farewelling 2017 intern Dylan Bruce, who said he leaves with a load of experience and networks under his belt to continue his career in grains research. The regional internship has been jointly funded and supported by the Hart Field-Site […]

History of SA’s pastoral protector

REPORT: Primary Industries SA EARLY exploration of South Australia’s northern arid lands in the late 1830s and early 1940s was followed closely by pastoral occupation. The early settlers were unaware of two things – the capacity of the country to carry stock at sustainable levels, and the impact of the dingo on their sheep flocks. […]